The best LG G4 accessories

The best LG G4 accessories

The best LG G4 accessories

LG G4 accessories

The LG G4 is the Korean giant's latest attempt at a top smartphone, which packs a stunning display, cracking camera and plenty of power.

The design is certainly alternative compared to the variety of black rectangles on the market, as you can have it in plastic or leather - plus the power and volume buttons are on the back. In short, the G4 takes many aspects we loved about the G3, and brings them bang up to date.

If you've decided this IS your handset of choice, then make sure you're making the most of your new smartphone by lavishing it with a selection of the best accessories available.

Whether you simply want to protect it with a hard-wearing case, keep it charged with a handy dock or give it even more storage capacity for storing games and media, there's a wide range of kit available to match up with your LG G4.

LG Tone Infinim bluetooth headset

LG Tone

Gone are the days where quality headphones need to be tethered by a wire to your media player of choice; Bluetooth means you can always be connected with the freedom to leave your phone on the side whilst you party round the house.

LG's HBS900 Tone Infinim Bluetooth headphones include Signature Sound technology from Harman Kardon, meaning these headphones are tuned to sound as good as your swanky new smartphone looks - although they can sound a bit tinny if you're listening to too much EDM.

The ability to have your text messages and social media updates read aloud is ideal for popular folk on the move, whilst the retractable ear buds and a long battery life are also very welcome features.

The jog switch control and tactile buttons for playing / pausing music and answering calls make these particular headphones really easy to use.

Price: £74.58 - Amazon UK

Caseology Wavelength Textured Grip Cover


The standard plastic-backed LG G4 can be somewhat of a slippery beast, so a case to fully protect your phone whilst giving it increased grip is somewhat of a necessity.

Caseology's Wavelength series case has a textured pattern that makes the LG G4 incredibly easy to hold in one hand, and ensures that you're less likely to drop it, too.

For this much protection the Wavelength case is good value for money, and there are also a variety of colours available including blue and gold, red and black, mint and silver or simplistic black.

Price: £8.95 - Amazon UK

LG Watch Urbane

Watch Urbane

Smartwatches might still be in their infancy as a product category, but there are a growing number of people interested in what they can do, and the LG Watch Urbane certainly a fancy choice.

The combination of elegant metal chassis and P-OLED display make this one of the most desirable smartwatches around, and with the choice of a leather straps it most certainly is a fitting companion for LG's top-end G4 smartphone.

Running Google's latest Android Wear software, the Watch Urbane gives LG G4 users quick access to notifications, maps, music playback controls and almost anything else you can cram onto the 1.3-inch display.

If you can't quite stretch to the price of LG's latest smartwatch, there are loads of other G4-compatible Android Wear smartwatches (the Huawei Watch is equally smart, for instance), along with alternatives such as the new Pebble Time range, which boast a much better battery life than any Android offering.

Price: £218 - Amazon UK

Anker Astro E1 5,200mAh portable charger

Anker charger

Despite the removable battery offering the potential to pocket a spare battery for your LG G4, portable battery chargers such as Anker's Astro E1 offer more flexibility and a much higher capacity than any secondary power pack could.

For little over £10, the ultra-compact E1 packs a 5,200mAh battery – 2,200 more than the G4's own, meaning you can get well over a full charge out of the power unit before needing to recharge.

A 2 amp USB port means that your LG G4 will juice up much quicker than it would from phone or even larger devices - including tablets.

Price: £10.99 - Amazon UK

LG Quick Circle Case + WCD-110 Wireless Charger


While the G4 might have a strong spec list, the one thing it lacks when compared to alternatives such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, is wireless charging.

Fortunately, LG's Quick Circle case neatly replaces the rear cover, protects the front of the phone, and adds wireless charging capability all in one great-looking package.

The quick-view circular window on the front allows you to make texts, take photos and answer incoming calls without even opening the case.

When coupled with the WCD-110 Qi wireless charging dock, the Quick Circle Case allows for wire-free charging of the LG G4, and the stand can also fold up for added portability.

Price: £41.50 - Amazon UK

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC memory card


Many other top-end smartphones have negated to include any form of expandable storage in an attempt to push users towards streaming services and cloud storage – not so with the LG G4.

Along with 32GB of internal storage, the G4 lets you stuff in a microSD card of up to 128GB, so something like SanDisk's Ultra 128GB offering can add a ton of extra local storage for movies, capturing HD video or taking thousands of photos with the G4's rather excellent 16MP camera.

Price: £48.95 - Amazon UK

LG Quadbeat 3 in-ear headphones


If Bluetooth headphones aren't your bag, then a set of wired earphones such as LG's Quadbeat 3 might be the perfect partner for the LG G4.

These lightweight earphones feature Quad Layer speaker technology for rich and balanced sound, and have an ergonomic shape to fit comfortably in your ears – even for long periods of time.

To top it off, there's also a convenient in-line remote featuring volume control and a call answer / end button, too.

Of course, the standardised 3.5mm headphone jack on the LG G4 means that any headphones you might want to pair with your smartphone are fully compatible, but the Quadbeat 3's have the advantage of fully working volume and function buttons.

Price: £22.95 - Amazon UK

EnGive Tempered Glass Screen Protector


If you choose to forgo a protective case for your LG G4 such as the Quick Circle case, then a quality screen protector is a must.

EnGive's premium tempered glass screen protector covers the entirety of the G4's fascia, adding a protective layer that can resist scratches, dirt and greasy finger prints.

At just 0.3mm thick, this screen protector is barely noticeable, and won't alter the look of your smartphone in a horrible way.

Price: £5.98 - Amazon UK

Inateck Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker


There are times when headphones are too selfish and you want to share your music - and slim smartphones simply can't cut it when it comes to blasting out beats thanks to their tiny speakers.

With that in mind, a Bluetooth speaker such as the Inateck BP2101 is the ideal solution to pair with your LG G4.

Despite the sleek design of this waterproof device, the two 5W drivers should give punchy, loud sound for up to 15 hours at a time, at a range of up to 10M.

If you happen to want to use the speaker with another (non-Bluetooth) device, audio can also be input via an included a 3.5mm cable.

Price: £39.99 - Amazon UK

LG Leather Back Cover


If you are the owner of a plastic-backed G4 and want to give it a bit more of a premium look and feel, then why not swap out the rear cover for one of LG's official real leather alternatives?

The standard covers come in brown or black, but LG have now expanded the range to feature burgundy, yellow, pink, beige and blue. Yep, blue or pink leather.

The cow-skin covers do add a little extra bulk to the G4, but the luxurious feel and increased tactility when compared to the relatively cheap-feeling plastic of the original are difficult to understate until you've tried them.

Price: £29.99 - MobileFun


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